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Birthday party x 2

Yesterday we were at two parties (and in between a party of our own)

First at Andreas, turning 30 – Relaxed, nerdy and fun. Really tasty carrot cake!

Then at Anders, turning 40 – Loud, wild and fun. By the time we got there, everyone was already quite drunk, and shortly thereafter the cigars came out (Literally, not metaphorically).

Somehow I ended up being DJ for a part of the night, and actually got a lot of compliments for my music choices. 🙂

Kulturhusnatten – The Culture House Night

This Friday me and some friends went to an event taking place in the Stockholm Culture House.

The small 30SEK fee gave you entrance to a large amount of short concerts, performances, movies, exhibitions and such.

Especially good were:

  • George Kentros & Matthias Peterson, with an interpretation of Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons that involved sampling a live violin and playing back distorted loops – Industrial Violin!
  • Abalone Dots, playing bluegrass with a touch of Swedish Folk Music – Softgrass.
  • Short film festival – Oue!
  • Klubb Sunkit – the club for odd and forgotten pop music – Muzak, Easy Listening, Exotica and Swedish Dance Band.

After a couple of hours we all needed to go somewhere more quiet, so we went to Kasper for beer.