The Yamaha XJ550 interactive, colorized electrical diagram



This diagram aims to covers the electrical basics of the Yamaha XJ550 motorcycle series by providing a fully colorized, interactive interface. By moving the mouse pointer over (and in some cases clicks) a cable, connector, or other part in the diagram, the user will be able to see additional information and/or isolate the objects to avoid manually tracing where everything goes.



Online version (requires Flash, 571kB)

Standalone offline version for Windows (.exe, 5.93MB)

High-resolution image (simplified for print, 365kB)

Current version is 1.1.40, compiled 2013-06-02.



Cables & Buttons (colored lines and rightmost buttons)

Move mouse over cables or buttons to highlight all cables of the same color. Click cables or button to move the current color to the top.

Connectors (black squares)

Move mouse over connectors to display connector shape and cable arrangement.

Parts (switches, relays etc.)

Move mouse over parts to display additional information.

More features may come at a later date.


This is completely free

I have not made this to make money whatsoever. I saw a problem not only for me, but also for others in the motorcycle community, and came up with a way to help. Though I have spent a many of hours on this (too many according to my fiancee), I have never expected to get anything back. If you however feel that this has or will help you, and you want to show your gratitude with more than a "thanks!", you are most welcome to make a donation of your choosing. A free beer or lunch is always appreciated, though I'll be glad for even a free bubblegum (preferably not previously used). So far the donated amount is a total sum of 0.00.


Future plans

The ultimate plan was to expand this to not only cover the Yamaha XJ550, but all other bikes in the XJ series as well. You can follow the development at In this thread you can also leave comments & suggestions!

No future plans. Life got in the way. You are however free to keep developing this yourself!
If you want to play around with the source file, keep developing the diagram, port it to other platforms, adapt it to other bikes etc., you can download it here. Made in Adobe Flash CS 5.5.
If you do develop this further, please make a post in the official thread at If you need hosting for future versions, let me know there and I can host it here.


About the Author

My name is Frank Johansson, I live in Stockholm, Sweden.
My official title is Professor in Professorology, currently working as professosessor after my predecessorprofessosessor died in a tragic pedicure-related accident involving chainsaws.