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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Issue #19Last night I finished the currently last number (#79) of The Walking Dead.

No, I’m not talking about the new TV series, I’m talking about what that TV series is based on – the comic.

The Walking Dead is created by writer Robert Kirkman and drawn by Charlie Adlard (Tony Moore did issues 1-6). It is in black and white, which I first thought was a let-down, but only after an issue didn’t really think about. While the art is very good, the storytelling is brilliant.

The story centers around Rick Grimes, a police officer who wakes up from a coma after a gunshot, only to find out that the world has been overrun by zombies. While this might not sound very original, I find it if not the, then at least among the very best zombie fictions I’ve ever seen, any medium. It has a lot of heart (and other intestines as well for that matter), and isn’t afraid to make dramatic turns, offing main characters and having plot twists that would make M. Night Shyamalan go “Whaaat?!”. This is a good thing. Unlike other ongoing comics that keeps the same ensemble of characters for 20 years except for the supervillain of the week (who often returns at least 20 or 30 times anyway), you actually meet new, original people all the time here. And then they die. 😉

Differences from the TV series.

While the TV series is based on the comic, it seems to take a very different storyline after the first few issues. Without giving away the story, the happenings in the last episodes in season 1 didn’t occur at all in the comic – at least not so far. Most of the main characters stay basically the same, but where they are and what happens to them is different. For me it’s a good thing since I get a new story while watching the series (which I by the way also think is rather good), but the ones only watching the TV series is missing so much!

Try it for free!

Image Comics who publishes The Walking Dead offers the first issue online for free here, which I think is a great strategy for bringing new readers. So go ahead, see if you like it. If you do, visit your local comic book dealer.

Speaking of Obama

Adam pointed me to this neat comic explaining just how Obama managed to get the Nobel Prize. It’s the only explanation.

How Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize
How Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize

Speaking of Obama and peace, I just read that he has ordered another 34’000 troops into Afghanistan and is about to test the “Massive Ordnance Penetrator”, the largest non-nuclear bomb ever, weighing in a bit over 13 tons.

Still, it’s probably way better than what John McCain & Sara Palin would have done (not including what is stated in the comic above).

Obama, seriously?

Barack Obama won the Nobel peace prize even though he hasn’t taken any real action yet. I like Obama, but this paints him out even more as the next Jesus.

Normally the Nobel Prize is awarded 10-40 years after a person has accomplished something worthwhile, but when this year’s nomination deadline ended Obama had only been president for two weeks. I find that a little odd.

Little Gamers is once again on top of things.

Obama, seriously?
Obama, seriously?

Well, let’s just hope that he will one day actually do something worthy of the prize. And at least he is not keeping the money.

Glenn Miller Café

Yesterday my old friend Dossen came to visit. After strolling through town, visiting comic book shops and having lunch, we later went to Glen Miller Café together with Marianne.

The food was great (as always), the music (Sara Hedman Kvartett) was classy and temperature was high. We all had a good time, and later went back to my place and was joined by Fredde.

The photos below are from both mine and Dossens cameras (his is way better), and I just had to do a photoshop version of something I have wanted to to for years: put a lightsaber in the hand Karl XIV Johan’s statue at Slussen, Stockholm.