Marianne’s Moomin Tattoo

Yesterday my gf Marianne went to Salvation Tattoo to get her latest ink from Nille (who has tattooed both me and her in the past).
The motif was a custom scene portraying Snufkin and the Moomintroll on a bridge. It took about 2½ hours (not including preparations), and she was very happy with the results.

If you recognize the tree (previously done) that it joins with, it is the Tree of Gondor from Lord of the Rings.

Gallery: Marianne’s Moomin Tattoo

Blindside live (and free) tonight in Stockholm [Updated]

I got an SMS the other day from Simon, guitarist in Blindside, that they are having a free concert tonight (February 5) in Stockholm.
The place is Lilla Hotellbaren (Scandic Malmen) at Medborgarplatsen.
They are on stage around 21:00-22:00, but it might be a good idea to be there as the place only takes 500 people.

Aside from Blindside, others that are playing are the Johan Kjellberg – PENSIONATET 18.00-21.00 and Daniel Howe (Superdiskant) & Johan Ljungberg (Thelma/Louise) 22.00-02.00.

Sounds like fun!


The concert was good! Place was packed, sound was fine and Blindside was full of energy as usual. 🙂

Took some pictures as well.

Gallery: Blindside live at Lilla Hotellbaren

Woot? Root!

Just a quick update:

I have decided to skip my regular homepage and have everything on this blog instead. This is not done yet, and music/photo pages is planned to appear here in the near future.

So from now on, “” will be redirected to the root level (““). Easier to remember, especially since here in Sweden, many spell blog with two g’s (blogg), and that might be confusing when you have a url ending in that very word.

Posts and permalinks will however keep the same structure, so any bookmarks and links will still work as before.