Cast away

Stiches removed
Stiches removed

This monday I got to remove my cast and stiches. It felt really odd but it’s sooo good to be able to scratch (and wash) again.

Unfortunately, I can now hardly move my finger.  There was a 20-25° angle missing when trying to bend the finger backward/straight out, so it got a little crocked (sidewise as well). But the worst part is that I can’t close the finger either. The tendon that was mostly damaged leads to the top joint in the finger and when I try to move it it feels like there is something in the way. Same thing with the middle joint, but I have slightly better movement there. I now have to wear a special plastic rail around the clock to prevent the finger from stiffening in a crocked position, and it also protects the finger from impact. The rail will be adjusted regularly to adjust the angle and shape of the rail.

This also means that I will have to do a lot of  physiotherapy and special hand exercises every third hour for at least a couple of months, probably more.

Sensitivity-wise, it’s very odd. Below the scar it feels pretty much normal, but above it is no fun. If sliding a finger nail or something from the base of the finger upwards, I get a tiny jolt every time it crosses the scar, kind of when you hit the nerve in your elbow. In the area above that, half the finger feels like it’s sleeping. In that kind of way that when you’re trying to walk when your foot is asleep, and it almost burns when you touch the floor with it.

I have no idea if this is going to disappear or if it will always stay like this. I tried typing on the keyboard with the rail off, but its too unpleasant for that. I assume the same thing will happen if playing the piano or guitar, and that is a little disconcerting.

The ring finger is at least better for this kind of damage that the thumb, index finger or little finger.

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14 years ago

Vackert broderi måste jag säja! Det får du vara nöjd med!
Förhoppningsvis kommer känseln tillbaka. Nervtrådarna brukar väl ha en förmåga att hitta nya vägar.