Iceland – Day I


We are now in Iceland. The flight went wery well, comfortable seats with good in-flight entertainment (touch sceens in every seat). Hotel is absolutely faboulus with a really fresh room larger than my last apartment, located right in the very center of Reykjavik. We have had a great dinner, good beer, nice Icelandic company and the best hot dog (due to munchies) in ages.
Tomorrow we will go on a tour, seeing waterfalls, geysers and a national park.
Some pictures:

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Sanna med stort P
14 years ago

Hej Frank!

Vilka fina bilder ni har taget! Det ser verkligen platt och mysigt ut på Island!
Hoppas ni har det mycket trevligt där borta!

Jacob Plance
Jacob Plance
13 years ago

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