Movie mini review: Bye Bye Monkey

Today I saw a movie from 1978, starring a young Gérard Depardieu. It is French produced, but takes place in a semi-futuristic New York and everyone speaks English.

The story centers around Gérard’s character (also named Gerard), finding and taking care of the child of the now dead King Kong. This, along with the fact that it was labeled as Comedy / Drama / Sci-Fi, was enough for me to want to see the movie.

I was deeply dissapointed. There is no real red line in the movie to follow, nothing to look forward to and the whole thing is utterly unengaging. The script is meager and staggly, the dialoge is strange and stiff, most of the acting is plain bad and the DVD transfer is low quality (especially the sound where the S sound are often distorted).

During most of the 113 minutes I just waited for it to be over. Avoid if you can (shouldn’t be too hard).

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14 years ago

I would avoid anything with mr Depardieu! How could you even watch the whole movie? My sympathy cries for you! 🙂