There was a strange man on my balcony this morning

Today when I got out of the shower and was walking across the living room to get my clothes I saw a strange man standing on my balcony.

He was dressed in a blue plastic body suit, wearing a gas mask and some kind of container on his back. He was using what looked like a small circle saw to cut into the wall.
Three quick questions appeared in my head during the second I first saw him:

  1. How did he get onto my balcony (which is a couple of floors up)
  2. Why is he dressed like he is dealing with an Ebola infection from outer space?
  3. What the hell is he doing to my wall?

Then I remembered. They apparently used some toxic material in the joints when building our house. Something that the housing company now has been ordered to sanitate. So the answers to my questions were:

  1. Using a crane.
  2. To avoid contact with the toxins
  3. Cutting away the outer joints.
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14 years ago

hahaha… jag skulle blivit skitskraj! Massor med filmer som kommer upp i huvudet…