Who is Frank?

Frank is a cheerful guy from Sollentuna, Sweden.

He is of the opinion that although being professional at work, you should also enjoy life – most people spend a lot of time and energy in vain living up to the ideals they think other people have and expect from them. Nobody is responsible for your happiness but you.

A quote that he tries to keep close at heart is “You don’t stop playing because you grow old. You grow old because you stop playing”. Frank strives to always be frank.

He is currently working as senior support engineer, product specialist, technical writer, beta tester and a bunch of other stuff at a telecom company called Aktavara.

On his spare time, he always has a project or two at hand, be it from restoring a vintage motorcycle, designing and 3D printing gadgets to converting a 1940’s radio into a fully functioning computer. He also enjoys both composing and playing music, electronic as well as acoustic.

He has a natural knack (and a genuine interest) for technology, and will learn new programs, machines and techniques quite easily. As a natural problem-solver, he often has ideas on how to optimize and improve just about everything.

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1 year ago

Nice work dude.