Ferry to Riga

Me, Marianne and Sanna took a ferry to Latvia this tuesday and just got back.

Riga is not quite as depressing as Tallin, but not so far off either. It’s ok to visit, but nothing that I will long to visit again.

Glenn Miller Café

Yesterday my old friend Dossen came to visit. After strolling through town, visiting comic book shops and having lunch, we later went to Glen Miller Café together with Marianne.

The food was great (as always), the music (Sara Hedman Kvartett) was classy and temperature was high. We all had a good time, and later went back to my place and was joined by Fredde.

The photos below are from both mine and Dossens cameras (his is way better), and I just had to do a photoshop version of something I have wanted to to for years: put a lightsaber in the hand Karl XIV Johan’s statue at Slussen, Stockholm.

A weekend in StrÀngnÀs

Last week me and Marianne were in StrÀngnÀs, just checking out the place. Later the first day we met up with Jens and Linda, who had taken their boat there the same day.

Good times!