The Volume Pill

The volume control on my guitar amp does not behave as I want it to.

Today it is like this:
Amp volume at 0 = (silence)
Amp volume at 1 = LOUD
Amp volume at 2-10 = LOUDER

This is a problem when using a distortion pedal without a dedicated volume control, as our very easily disturbed neighbors starts banging the wall at volume 1, and I sometimes want to play without headphones.

For the distortion to really kick in I can’t lower the volume knob(s) on my guitar too much either, so I had to introduce an additional volume control to take effect after the pedal.

In short, I needed to go from here:

to here:


So I made a small volume controler using a 500k potentiometer and two 1/4″ jacks. I didn’t have a good enclosure at hand so I simply used an old plastic medicine jar.

The Volume Pill
The Volume Pill

It’s not pretty, but it works!

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7 years ago

I like!
Du KAN ju skaffa dig en volympedal annars, eller bygga en egen. Då kan du ju spela och justera el volymo samtidigt.