Barcelona – Day I

My mom has a nice tradition. Whenever we kids turn 30, she takes us to a destination of our choice in Europe, just the two of us. Since I turned 30 just over a month ago,  it was my turn. I picked Barcelona.

My brother gave us a ride to the airport at 7 in the morning, and checking in went fine. We changed plane in Frankfurt and spent time watching two movies on my Eee: The Heroes of Telemark and The Good Thief. Both were surprisingly good!

After arriving in Barcelona we took the aerobus in to town. instead of taking a taxi to our hotel we decided to walk. Strolling through La Rambla, we  arrived at our apartment around 4 in the afternoon.

Shortly after, we went for a walk, did some minor shopping and had tapas.

Today we will have a general sightseeing day.

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14 years ago

Yay! 😀