Movie mini review: Alien vs Predator – Requiem

I just watched Aliens vs Predator – Requiem. I knew that it would be bad. I even knew that it would be really bad, but in spite of my better judgment, I decided to watch it anyway.

And man, it sucked.

The script was lousy and the acting horrendous. The Strause Brothers who directed this has previously worked almost exclusively with special effects, and watching this movie it comes as no surprise. Because they sure can’t direct people.

The story in short:


After the first AVP movie, one Predator gets infected by an Alien. The result is for some strange reason that is never explained an Alien-Predator hybrid. For some other reason that is never explained, the ship carrying this hybrid is returning to earth, along with a bunch of Alien facehuggers. One single Predator tries to stop them all, but also kills some humans in the process for some reason. A town where you get to see four minutes each of a bunch of two-dimensional characters is attacked by a swarm of Aliens (who has now proliferated) and the hybrid. Instead of actually stockpiling the food (humans) for eating and such, they just seem to kill everybody at random for some reason. People die, including most of the ones you have been introduced to. The government finds out, tells the people to gather in the center of town and drops a nuke. Everybody dies, except for four people in a chopper who for some reason decided to fight their way up through an Alien-infested hospital to get to the chopper on the roof instead of simply driving out of town with the perfectly good armored car/tank they just had. The end.

In short: Alien vs Predator – Requiem is a movie that really, really, really sucks. Hard. And not in a good way.

If you have any good memories that you don’t want to ruin from previous Alien (or Predator) movies, avoid this at all cost.

Aliensnail vs Predatorsnail - Requiem

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