New Watchmen trailer

Nice, a new Watchmen trailer has been released!

For those of you who didn’t know, Watchmen is a 12-issue comic book by Alan Moore, who among other things also wrote V for Vendetta, From Hell, Batman: The Killing Joke and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

Visually they got just about everything right – The Comedian’s wry smile, Rorschach’s mask, the power in Dr. Manhattan’s origin etc..

However, the first trailer gave me much more of a wow-feeling. But that might just be because the characters I had previously read about in the Watchmen comics (which I highly recommend, by the way) for the first time came to life.

Read the original Watchmen comic book limited series, see the trailers below and you too will long for March 6th.

Trailer: Watchmen (Trailer 2)

And in case you missed the first one, here it is as well.

Trailer: Watchmen (Trailer 1)

Update: A new Japanese trailer has also been added in a separate post.

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