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Regarding Tattoos

All my tattoos are deeply personal and have a symbolic meaning to me – they are not just there for the looks. Which is one of the reasons I prefer not to reveal the motif to people before getting the tattoo. It’s easier to motivate and explain once it is in place, plus I like to surprise people. But since I have designed (or in the case of Frankenstein/Einstein, heavily manipulated) them all myself, the design is always shared with a few people for feedback before immortalizing it.

I have three scheduled tattoo sessions for four tattoos this spring. All sessions will take about four hours each.

This Wednesday I will get one on each inner upper arm (that’s really gonna hurt).

In May, I will get one on me left chest (also a painful place, I’ve heard).

In April I’ve had an appointment since October or something. When I first started to sketch about a year ago, the motif were supposed to be organic. A number of variants have gone through (biological/technological/numerical/math/art/pop culture reference), but none have felt so right or so personal as the one I’ve finally decided to do (though most people will not understand why). Aside from a much needed reminder it has a deep connection to a certain condition that will always be with me. I’m 90% certain it will be placed around my left elbow and move down the lower arm. Preliminary sketches indicate it will look good. Really good. I will do some more photo manipulations (Frank <3 Photoshop) to decide on final size and angle.

This will be interesting.

Einstein tattoo

I just got home from the tattoo parlor House of Pain Sthlm where I have spent money (and some pain) and Micke has spent hours putting ink in my arm(s).

This one only took three hours, compared to about 4,5 hours for Frankenstein. They are about the same size but this has less details due to Einstein’s light hair and smoother skin.

Nah, less talk and more pictures:

I also scheduled a new time for my next tattoo project as well: March 11th. Aside from the two times I already have scheduled in April/May with Nille at Salvation Tattoo. 🙂