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New domains: frankjohansson.com/se

As you might have noticed, I have now changed the URL of this blog to the newly registered frankjohansson.com.

So, to clear things up, the following addresses are valid:


They will all go to the frankjohansson.com. Eventually, I might move the hosting from my own server to a dedicated web hotel. But nothing is decided yet.

Happy browsing!

World’s energy/pollution problem solved?

A Korean research institute claims to have found a way to separate hydrogen from water in a way that is extremely more efficient than the electrolytic methods used today. Apparently, only about 2.3% of the energy required today is needed, which will make hydrogen as a fuel 20-30 times cheaper.

As you may know, the only byproduct when hydrogen is used as fuel is H2O, also known as water.

From an environmental point of view, hydrogen is sometimes considered the ideal fuel. It burns at concentrations of 4% or more H2 in air, and makes up 75% of the mass and 90% of the atoms in the universe.

Here’s to hoping! 🙂

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