Yes, I’m still alive, even though I’ve been out riding my bike for the last few weeks. It actually makes me feel more alive. Yes,  I know it’s a terrible cliché, but it’s true nonetheless.

Been making a few mods as well:

  • Modifying and attaching the mounting thingy to the new saddlebags. They now support more weight and are easy to attach and remove, which is great for going shopping since they easily hold a full grocery bag each, and I don’t need to have them on all the time like the last ones. Should make longer road trips a whole lot easier as well, as I don’t have to unpack them at each sleepover, I can just pop them off.
  • Reversed the passenger pegs to move them forward and outward to not interfere with the previously mentioned bags. The excellent guide on Volusia Riders forum was a great help, even though I used shorter bolts and spacers than described in the guide to avoid long term twisting of the frame mount. M thought that her riding position improved a lot with this and made riding easier on her back, so two good things in one!
  • A custom made brake fluid reservoir lid. Pictures may come later.

I’ve also bought a new, chromed horn that I plan to install next week as the current one is on the fritz.

More things have happened in my life, but I’ll keep that private for now.

Catch you on the flipside.

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