Do you want to go to Iceland with us?

Hi everybody!

Do you want to join us on a trip to Iceland this Easter?

Due to the economic crisis in Iceland right now the trips there are extremely cheap. You can fly there and back from Stockholm for about 2500SEK, and hotels are not very expensive. And since we will likely go around Easter, you will only need half a day off from work.

The preliminary plan is as follows:

  • 9/4 The afternoon before Good Friday – Flight from Stockholm Arlanda to Reykjavik
  • 10-12/4 Time for Icelandification
  • 13/4 Easter Monday – Going home.

Preliminary budget (per person):

  • Flights (incl. VAT and fees): 2500SEK
  • Hotel: 520-1900SEK depending on standards and location. For 480SEK/night you get a four-star hotel with pool and spa. You can also live in a hostel for about 130SEK/night if you want to.
  • Food: 1500SEK if you eat out and have a few drinks every day.
  • Transports: 500SEK if you want to travel around Iceland a bit.
  • Total: around 4000-6000SEK per person. If we go on Good Friday instead, the price will drop about 1000SEK.

We were thinking that if we are a few people the trip will be even better! That doesn’t mean that we have to stick together all the time unless you want to, and everyone can go about to do what they please.

Does it sounds like fun? Let us know! If the trip happens, we will probably book it in December while the extremely low prices are in effect and the tickets remain. Does it sound interesting but you are uncertain if you want to go or can afford it in four months? Let us know anyway!

Frank & Marianne

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