Soon, my precious netbook

After long wait I will finally get my own netbook this week.

Last christmas I gave M a voucher for a netbook of her choice. However, after several months (almost a year after the first international release of the Asus Eee 701) it was still not available in Sweden, so I had a Eee 900 imported from Hong Kong instead. So far it’s been very nice to her (and me), and was a lifesaver when in Tokyo this summer.

The reason for me wanting one of my own is mostly just want. Plus it has better battery, more storage, larger screen and faster processor than the 900.

Anyway. About a month ago the first pre-orders came up at various stores here for the Eee 1000H, and since I had read a lot about it previously, I placed an order at Webhallen. It is now scheduled to arrive in two days.

I have ordered many a gadget from international stores and sellers, but there are three nice thing about ordering this one locally:

  1. The HDD is 160GB instead of the 80GB version 99% of the sellers abroad carries.
  2. The keyboard is already in Swedish, saving me the trouble (and money) to buy a new one via Asusparts.
  3. Guarantees and replacements are so much easier. And the more complicated a machine is, the easier it tends to break. :p

Unfortunately, it is about 1000SEK more expensive than an import model. But then you have to add international shipping and risk paying customs and extra tax (which I recently did, having to add about 60% of the cost to an extra battery for M’s 900), and that would make it more expensive. But a whole lot faster. So in the end you have to choose between Time and Convenience.

Anyway, me happy. Me more happy when me have Eee in hands.