Reasons to like me

I’m not sure if I’m easy or hard to like. But for those who are about to decide, I’ve put together the following list to better the odds in my favor.

Reasons to like Frank:

  • He does his dishes at least five times a year
  • He doesn’t turn into a werewolf during full moons
  • He knows the capital of Mongolia
  • He is not an alien from another dimension bent on world destruction
  • He subscribes to the theory that the Earth is round
  • He doesn’t scrape his vegetables onto someone else’s plate when nobody is looking
  • He has never opened fire on an innocent group of unarmed people
  • He calls his comic books “Comic books” and not “Graphic novels” or “Sequential art”
  • He has most of the time no major problems remembering his own phone number
  • He rarely stares directly at the sun
  • He has never broken into a bear’s home and eaten all its porridge
  • He has never given the finger to a lady over the age of 73
  • He never stares at someone’s wart for more than 2-3 minutes
  • No tyrannical system of government is named after him
  • He neither smoke nor drink while pregnant
  • Contrary to popular belief, he does not comb his hair with a fork
  • Unlike Vincent Van Gogh, he would not cut off his ear to impress a girl
  • The rumors of his involvement in the Chernobyl crisis are mostly unfounded
  • He no longer bears a grudge against Santa Claus for failing to deliver a working space shuttle in Christmas of 1987
  • He refuses to play “let’s hide grandma’s teeth”
  • As of yet, he has never overlooked the importance of regular, continuous breathing
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10 years ago

Vem skulle INTE tycka om en sådan svärmorsdröm!?!?
Jag menar, hur många svärmödrar kan skryta med att ens svärson INTE är en “alien from another dimension bent on World destruction”.

Hur det ligger till med de flesta svärmödrars sanna natur och ursprung låter vi dock vara osagt……

10 years ago

I love this so much.