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A little of this, a little of that


I haven’t been writing here much lately, so I thought it was time for some catching up.

Let’s have a look at the last posts, shall we?

My sliced finger is slowly getting better. I am still numb in about a third of the finger, and I still can’t bend it all the way. But on both counts it is better that two months ago, when the cast was removed. What has happened is that the scar tissue has grown attached to the tendon, so it physically can’t move to make the finger bend all the way. Stretching can help, and I’m still doing my finger training every third hour or so – but to be honest I haven’t been keeping it up as much as I should.

Regarding Laundry. I’m still very happy with the washing machine, and I still feel it was worth the cost. In fact, my brother told me the other day that he just bought one just like it – and he seems to be happy with it as well. Hoover HNT 6614, folks.

Analog week went fine. I finished reading two books and started a third. Come to think of it, I haven’t picked up the third book since. Maybe I should do this every month? Should you?

What else?

I’ve been working a lot lately. There was a lot to prepare for the Mobile World Congress, where  the company I work for participated. I wasn’t going myself, but I prepared material for the exhibition. I have applied for a week’s vacation in two weeks (starting the week when I have my birthday), but haven’t gotten any reply from my boss yet. And now he is on vacation himself. I was planning on either going on a short last-minute trip or just stay at home and do absolutely nothing.

I’ve also fallen for one of the latest games from Bioware; Dragon Age – Origins. Highly recommended if you like Fantasy RPGs. I’m playing it through now for the second time, this time with some addons, and it still is a pretty darned sweet game!
Bioware has a history of awesome games, and have previously made some of my favorite games:

  • Baldur’s Gate
  • Baldur’s Gate II
  • Neverwinter Nights
  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
  • Jade Empire

Speaking of games, I’m also looking forward to DeathSpank, from Ron Gilbert (the brain behind the Monkey Island games). Check out the videos!


In 10 days, I’ll be going on a 23 hour cruise to the Åbo, Finland, with Silja Galaxy together with Marianne, Sanna, Daniel, Adam, Linnéa and perhaps two more friends. Marianne mentioned it was the Swedish equivalent to Las Vegas, and I’m not finding it hard to agree. People come there to enjoy themselves for a weekend, spending money in an environment that is made for this. And what happens at the Finland Ferry, stays at the Finland Ferry. 😉

Outside right now it is deep winter. In some places in Sweden, it is the coldest winter for 50 years. The local traffic is so bad that most of the subway grid is shut down, and people are recommended to stay at home if possible. So I have been working from home the last few days, also taking care of M, who is ill at the moment.

I do wish the snow and cold would go away soon, so I can start practice driving motorcycle. I’m planning to take my driver’s license this spring, either in Stockholm or down around Ulricehamn/Borås, where my parents live. If possible, I will take a few week’s vacation and do an intensive course. Does anybody know of any good schools for this?

Now: Pancakes and movie!

Regarding Laundry – Part III

Short review: Hoover HNT 6614 top-loaded washing machine

I love it.

Hoover HNT 6614, installed and running
Hoover HNT 6614, installed and running

I love not having to go to the washing house with tons of laundry. I love not having to plan ahead and book time in advance when you need to wash your clothes. I love not having to clean up after others and worry about leftover deturgent, mud on the floor, filled up filters and and general yucky things.

I love that the Hoover is pretty silent, very energy preservant (A+), has short programs (less than half an hour) when needed and dries the clothes very well (1400 RPM spin cycle).

I love that it takes so little space yet manages a full load (6 kg) of laundry. I love that you can program it to start later, in case you want it to be just done by the time you get home from work or wake up.

I love not having to bend over and accidentally drag out other clean clothes on the floor when you try to pull out one shirt for hanging – top loaded is da shit!

Buying a washing machine was definitely worth it, and Hoover HNT 6614 is a very good choice.

To buy or not to buy – regarding laundry

For the last two years or so I’ve become increasingly irritated when doing the laundry.
What mostly bother me is the following:

  • About half the time people have been using twice the amount of detergent in the machine, resulting in leftovers that will go into the next wash that I have to clean up before doing my laundry. Since M has a very allergic skin we have to use a special non-allergic laundry detergent, and having to remove old lumps of strongly perfumed detergent isn’t fun.
  • People can’t read instructions. They often put powder detergent in the compartment for liquid detergent, resulting in it being completely clogged as this only uses a thin pipe for the detergent to pass. Which I have to clean.
  • People do not empty the fuzz from the tumbler-drier. Which I have to clean unless I want more fuzz, feathers and other stuff on our clothes.
  • People leave detergent powder on the clothes table used for folding clothes. Which I have to clean.
  • About everything that you should clean after laundry (machines, tables, floors…) is often dirty, sticky or powdery.

-So talk to your neighbors about it!

No can do. The wash house is shared on over 100 households, and the digital booking system doesn’t allow you to see who had the pass before you. And I doubt writing angry notes will help much.

Generally, it’s all about cleaning up after others in order to do our laundry that I’m tired of. So I’m thinking about buying my own washing machine.
A washing machine with A+ energy class costs about 5000 SEK including delivery and installation, so with the electrical cost and divided over 5 years (I have no idea how long you usually keep a washing machine so that is just a guess) it will cost about 25 SEK per week. After 5 years the cost drops to about 4 SEK / week based on todays electrical price. Water is included in the rent so that is not a problem.

The drawback is that it takes a bit of space and the clothes will have to dry in the apartment instead of in the washing house on the inner courtyard. On the other side I don’t have to go back and forth to the washing house on the inner courtyard every time. 😉 And I can wash whenever I need without having to book a time days ahead.

Has anyone ever regretted buying their own washing machine and prefer going to a washing room shared with hundreds of other people?

Update: http://www.lumien.se/regarding-laundry-part-ii/