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The Guilty Ones – All There Is

Liv, a friend of mine since over 8 years back is the singer of the band The Guilty Ones. A while back they released the video to their debut single All There Is from the upcoming album Guilty As…, and a few days later I got a special first print out of the single in the mail. It’s amazing, and getting even better the more you listen to it. The video is also really cool, and gives you that warm, fuzzy feeling inside.

Go ahead, have a look & listen!

If you like it, you might be interested to know that The Guilty Ones are performing live at Debaser Medis together with Joel Alme and Birgit Bidder in Stockholm April 17th.

Blindside live (and free) tonight in Stockholm [Updated]

I got an SMS the other day from Simon, guitarist in Blindside, that they are having a free concert tonight (February 5) in Stockholm.
The place is Lilla Hotellbaren (Scandic Malmen) at Medborgarplatsen.
They are on stage around 21:00-22:00, but it might be a good idea to be there as the place only takes 500 people.

Aside from Blindside, others that are playing are the Johan Kjellberg – PENSIONATET 18.00-21.00 and Daniel Howe (Superdiskant) & Johan Ljungberg (Thelma/Louise) 22.00-02.00.

Sounds like fun!


The concert was good! Place was packed, sound was fine and Blindside was full of energy as usual. 🙂

Took some pictures as well.

Gallery: Blindside live at Lilla Hotellbaren

Kulturhusnatten – The Culture House Night

This Friday me and some friends went to an event taking place in the Stockholm Culture House.

The small 30SEK fee gave you entrance to a large amount of short concerts, performances, movies, exhibitions and such.

Especially good were:

  • George Kentros & Matthias Peterson, with an interpretation of Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons that involved sampling a live violin and playing back distorted loops – Industrial Violin!
  • Abalone Dots, playing bluegrass with a touch of Swedish Folk Music – Softgrass.
  • Short film festival – Oue!
  • Klubb Sunkit – the club for odd and forgotten pop music – Muzak, Easy Listening, Exotica and Swedish Dance Band.

After a couple of hours we all needed to go somewhere more quiet, so we went to Kasper for beer.

Today’s music tip: Freewheel

Today I found a song called Sweet Swedish Winter by a band called Freewheel. First I though that it was an American band from the 60’s, judging by the style of the music and the recording itself, but it turned out to be a Swedish band from 1998. They apparently published just one album (Starfriend) and then disappeared (Sweet Swedish Winter is in my opinion the best song on the album).

Soundwise it’s a bit unpolished, sometimes a bit off-key, but with a certain charm.

Buy or download the album if you can find it. The music makes you happy. 🙂