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Men vs. Women Flowchart: Going out

Call me sexist or whatever, but I found the following flowcharts (originally found on Gizmodo.com) very funny, and I think they held a great deal of truth. What do you think?

Men vs. Women Flowchart: DrinksMen vs. Women Flowchart: Going to the bathroomMen vs. Women Flowchart: Sex

By the way, I am starting to have regrets about my New Year’s resolution. The nicotine abstinence I can handle (although I eat a lot more), but I so want to go out and party (in an alcohol-intoxicated state)! I will at least try to stay sober until my 30:th birthday (3 more months), but we’ll see how it goes.

My New Year’s resolution

Last year my new year’s resolution was to not eat candy or drink soda for a year (with the exception for when being abroad).  I kept it. 🙂

This year it is to not use tobacco or drink alcohol for a year (with the same exception as last year). I will still go out and everything, but try to stay more healthy. And sober. Plus, I need to save as much money as possible for the scheduled tattoos and travels.

Happy new year!

Happy New Year!

Have a drink by the sink,
dance like silly brat.

Be a fool, cos fools rule,
wear a party hat.

Just have fun, jump and run,
like others will do.

Smoke too much, drink too much,
end up in the loo.

I am happy to have spent last year knowing you.
Looking forward to much more, and I hope you do too.

Have a blast, screw the past,
make new moments last!

Once again: Happy New Year!

(I got this from my friend Liv, and just had to share it) 🙂