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Speaking of Obama

Adam pointed me to this neat comic explaining just how Obama managed to get the Nobel Prize. It’s the only explanation.

How Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize
How Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize

Speaking of Obama and peace, I just read that he has ordered another 34’000 troops into Afghanistan and is about to test the “Massive Ordnance Penetrator”, the largest non-nuclear bomb ever, weighing in a bit over 13 tons.

Still, it’s probably way better than what John McCain & Sara Palin would have done (not including what is stated in the comic above).

Obama, seriously?

Barack Obama won the Nobel peace prize even though he hasn’t taken any real action yet. I like Obama, but this paints him out even more as the next Jesus.

Normally the Nobel Prize is awarded 10-40 years after a person has accomplished something worthwhile, but when this year’s nomination deadline ended Obama had only been president for two weeks. I find that a little odd.

Little Gamers is once again on top of things.

Obama, seriously?
Obama, seriously?

Well, let’s just hope that he will one day actually do something worthy of the prize. And at least he is not keeping the money.

Make your own 3D paper figurines

Yesterday I discovered cubeecraft, a site with lots and lots of templates for making your own figurines out of paper. No glue or tape is required. All you do is print an image, cut along the edges and fold it together. I made a Bender from Futurama in about 20-30 minutes, and it was really fun seeing it come together!

There are a lot of characters to choose from; most are from movies or games, but there are also political ones (see the Obama figurine in the gallery below)

Oh, do yourself a favor: If you want it to survive cleaning and moving around, use thicker paper. The 80 gram paper I used worked, but was definitely on the limp side.

A few samples:

Lots more can be found on cubeecraft.com.

Another site with similar paper figurine templates is Toy-A-Day. A bit flatter, but also with a big selection.