The Raid Radio Case Mod – Finished!

The Raid Radio Case Mod is done!

Actually, it was done about two weeks ago, I just hadn’t taken the time to give you the update.

It is now working fine, but I might replace the PSU with a full-sized ATX one due to unacceptable noise levels in the current FSP AC-DC 200W SFX12V PSU. Hiper HPU-4S425 looks promising. The problem is that a full sized ATX won’t fit in the case if located where the current PSU is. I am thinking about placing it above the drive cage which would also giving it better airflow and hopefully lower RPM. The problem is that I would have to build a second floor in the cage, and I’m uncertain how it would affect airflow and temperatures for the drives and motherboard (already actively cooled).

We’ll see.

Wanna see? Have a look:

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14 years ago


Can you now please build me one of these? ;D

14 years ago

Coolt! 😀

Ang. projektorduken så kan ni kanske ta med den när ni åker till Charlottendal? Om det inte går så köper jag en ny såklart.

Ha en bra dag!

14 years ago

Hi, interest post. I’ll write you later about few questions!